Why Jillion

We are literally a professional distribution company. We only work with Brands and Manufactures who are capable and take significant importance in developing quality and delivering value for end users. We conduct our own due diligence process in choosing our partner, then and only we would commit to serve our partners. We don’t ask for upfront fees nor long-term contracts unless our partners wish to engage in that conversation. We buy in bulk and once purchased it becomes our responsibility and we don’t ask to return or buy backs unless we discover significant defect in the merchandises. We also respect our partners return policy as well. In 99 of the cases we don’t ask for return or buy backs.

We pay upfront for all our partners. We pay in advance or not buy at all. Jillion Group focuses on efficiently and robustly distribute products and getting maximum exposure in the online market place through proprietary advertising strategies together with our own unique keyword application strategies.

Our pricing strategy is long term based and is not designed to rush in to price war with competitors. We carter to MAP Policies if enforced by our partners. Our combination of current and historical data both online and traditional, allows us to figure out the most optimal pricing point for each SKU’s for mass marketing strategies. We feel that our marketing and distribution systems establishes correct value and build long lasting reputation in the market place without jeopardizing brand value and reputation. Though trend do come and go on each SKU’s at some point, by following our marketing and distribution system allows to stay in the trend until the end.

We are confident that our integrity, dignity and robust results that we deliver to our partners will naturally leads to long term prosperous relationships. We are committed to turn our vision in to reality.